Date: April 2006
Client: S & S Steel Metal Buildings, Inc (
Project: Steel Order Management System

Our solution was to create a .NET 2.0 windows application to replace their old system and remove them from their dependency of micrsoft access. We created screen mock ups and worked together to develop a more intuitive and user friendly interface that stream lined their process. For example, they are now able to enter their measurements as fractions and they’re automatically converted elsewhere. They’re able to access a related invoice or shop ticket from the estimate screen with out having to switch screens and search for it. We developed a more robust application which eliminated their problems of data loss and user trust issues... (read more)
Date: December 2003
Client: Louisiana Digital Reproductions, Inc (
Project: Online Plan Room Manager / WebTransfer

We developed a custom integrated solution for Louisiana Digital that consisted of a several parts. The first part was a custom website which marketed the company and allowed users to submit orders, receive downloadable orders, and to view and order plan room jobs. The second part was the web manager, a windows based application that ran on their local server showing the staff at Louisiana Digital incoming and outgoing orders in real time, allowing them to print work orders, manage users, and log activity. The final part of the solution was a windows based plan room manager interface for the staff... (read more)
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