Our Software Development process follows the "waterfall model" as show below.


In the requirements stage, the main goal is to discuss the problem at hand and to gather business requirements. We'll sit down together, analyze the problem, get an idea of the big picture, discuss the background of the project as well as the future. Here we'll also discuss budget and scheduling requirements as well as select the technology that best fits your solution.


After we finish the requirements stage, We'll begin to design the software by drawing up user interface mockups and developing functional specifications which explain in detail how the software will function, creating a database model, and a software architecture design.


This is where the software comes to life. We now take what we've drawn on paper and develop it into the solution we imagined. We'll create the software and physical database here, create the data conversion for any existing old system, and perform milestone reviews with you to show you the software as it progresses towards the finished product.


After the software has finished being developed, we verify what we've created to ensure it matches the specifications we've modeled it after. We ensure your solution has gone through quality control to find and eliminate any flaws before it is released to the client.


Now that the solution has been fully developed and gone through testing and quality control it is ready to be installed into production. After being installed,we'll go through user training and the client will perform user acceptance testing. After accepting the product, the client will receive documentation of the source code and database as well as the source code itself.


After the solution has entered production, it will enter the maintenance phase for any changes or technical support that may be needed.

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