We take great pride in the solutions we develop at Meyer Technologies and we take the time to develop the best possible solution. There are many different ways to accomplish the same goal, but many designs can be a quick fix or a band-aid solution that will not stand the test of time. Through developing many applications over time as well as the professional training and education we’ve gone through, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to correctly design a strong and professional solution.
With every solution we create we have the following goals:
A Professional Object Oriented Architecture
A professionally designed solution which gives your product the flexibility for extension and modification.
A Professional Database Design
A quality database design ensures data integrity, prevents data loss, and the ability to quickly retrieve your data.
Robust Code
We strive to have a high standard for clean and readable code that is maintainable, understandable, elegant, solid, and stands up to the test of time.
A Smart Deployment Strategy
In products like windows applications where you may have multiple users, once you start upgrading the application, things can get out of control with who is running what version. We use proven deployment strategies such as Microsoft’s ClickOnce deployment strategy to ensure all users will always be running the latest version of the application, keeping everyone synchronized.
Automated Error Tracking & Reporting
All of our applications contain error tracking and reporting abilities, so in the event that you do receive an application error, it is automatically documented and reported to us. So there is no need to try to take screen shots, describe the steps to reproduce, or have to contact us to report an issue. We’ll be notified automatically and resolve the issue behind the scenes.

Professional OO Design
Professional Database Design
Robust and Maintainable Code
Smart Deployment Strategies
Automated Error Reporting

.NET Framework
Visual Basic .NET / C#
Visual Basic 6.0
Javascript / VBScript
Web Services
SQL Server
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